Girlie Gourmet Classes!

Learning to cook in a Girlie Gourmet class is a hands on, everyone-in-the-kitchen, super fun learning experience!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never cooked before, if you sort of know your way around, or if you’re accomplished in the kitchen…you’ll have a fabulous time here with us in the Girlie Gourmet Kitchen!

The classes are created and guided by me, Chef Valerie Vanderpool. In them, you’ll gain information about the ingredients + tools used, learn cool hacks + tricks to make your life easier, and receive the recipes used along wth a shopping list for all of the items you’ll need.

My mission is to walk with you on your journey to liberating your culinary magic and make you a little less fearless as you go.

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Suggested Classes

  • Become an Eggspert
    • Cook breakfast, lunch and dinner with a dozen eggs and get the techniques to poach, scramble, fry, and boil the perfect egg!
  • Grains Class
    • Make 2 grains ahead and you can turn them into 6 meals for your week! Breakfast, lunch + dinner!
  • Mastering the Art of the Perfect Salad
    • Learn how to lift your salads to artful masterpieces! The perfect salad has beautiful colors and lots of textures with the perfect balance of flavors. You’ll learn the building blocks to mastering the art of the perfect salad!
  • Cheat-Day Meals…Yay!
    • When you’re working your butt off…literally…every once in a while you need to break for a really fun cheat day. This class teaches how to make the most of this best day of the week with some yummy comfort food dishes!
  • Every Chef’s Go-To Secret…Sauces
    • Mastering sauces is a foundation of a chef’s repertoire. Once you’ve learned these skills, the rise in your cooking confidence will make you proud.
  • Soup!
    • I mean…who doesn’t love soup!? Learn how easy it is to build deep flavors in your soup and take some cool recipes home to impress you family + friends!
  • Taste Your Fitness
    • Getting in a rut on making healthy meals? This is one of my specialties! In this class we can go light, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or a combination of any of these!
  • Seafood
    • Afraid to work with seafood? Let me take the fear out of it for you and show you how quick and easy it can be to prepare tasty, and healthful seafood meals any day of the week
  • Cocktails, Anyone?
    • Making delicious cocktails can be intimidating, but not here in my kitchen! The secret to a delectable cocktail is all in the flavor balance. I’ll show you how to use herbs, produce and other treats to make bevvys that will make you feel like a practiced bartending pro!